Saturday, May 1, 2010

She's going the distance...

Here's today stats for my long run:

mi pace
1 12:11
2 11:53
3 12:47
4 12:36
5 13:02
6 13:58
7 13:09
8 14:16
9 14:54
10 14:22
11 11:59

It was rough run today. I went to a local park that has a 1.75 paved route, only they are getting ready to repaved the path so they have ripped it all up. It was like running on a trail with the terrain being so rough, and to top it off it a bit windy out. Don't get me wrong the wind did a good job keeping me cool, but running into the wind makes it more difficult.

I got through it. It wasn't easy physically or mentally, but I'm glad I got it done this morning. Now it is off to get ready for some kitchen renovation shopping. And I think tonight we're going out with some friends so it should be a good day!

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  1. Great job! Long runs are soooo hard, and I'm thankful that right now I'm not training for anything! Keep up the good work.


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