Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special Delivery...

Thursday night we continued to work on clearing out the kitchen, we're almost there. Our biggest accomplishment of the evening was getting the dining room floor covered and re-arranging our temporary kitchen. Now we have a fridge and everything is on one side of the room so that the other side of the room can be used for assembly of cabinets and other construction tasks.

Friday we got up early, took the day off work, and headed down to Pittsburgh to pick up our kitchen. We ordered all the supplies about 2 weeks ago, and were excited to take delivery. However we were nervous about just how much space all the boxes and appliances would take up. We figured since the smallest truck we could get was 10 feet that it would be more than enough room, we really wanted to rent a van but they don't allow you to take them one-way between cities.

We arrived in Pittsburgh around noon, picked up our moving truck, and then headed to get our kitchen. We decided we needed some food fuel before we actually loaded up the kitchen so we headed to a sub shop, then returned to the furniture pick up.

We arrived to about 3 pallets of boxes about waist high. With the assistance of the IKEA employee Matt loaded all our boxes, and the employee verified everything was there. Once all the boxes were in the truck Matt went to work arranging the boxes so that they did not move or shift during the trip back to Buffalo.

It was a long drive back to Buffalo, and once we arrived it was threatening to rain so we quickly decided to unload the boxes into our office/living area. We figured since it is slightly out of the way so it would be a good staging area for the boxes. Here are some before pictures of the space:

And then once we got all the boxes off the truck it looked like this:

Our dishwasher and microwave only made it to the foyer, no room in the main house just yet:

Up next is to finish clearing out the kitchen, taking up the floor and stripping wallpaper from the stairs next to the kitchen.

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