Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back at it...

This morning I got back on the "horse", well in my case I it was time to putmy feet back on the pavement. I found a one one mile loop and repeated it eight times. The knee was feeling much better, but I wouldn't say 100% just yet. I don't have my splits available right now, but I know my average pace was a 12 minute mile- which means I'm meeting my original goal pace for the entire mileage covered. After the race in two weeks I plans to drop my mileage down to about a 5k or 8k and focus on my speed by doing intervals. Intervals are good for working speed, and will help me reach my other goal- a healthy weight for me.

Some people tell me I look good and my current weight is great, but I have goals that I'm still working on for me. I agree that my current weight is an awesome improvement from where I was 18 months ago, there are still levels of health that need to be obtained. Up first is bench pressing 90 pounds. This weight is based on a job i'm interested in pursuing- and it requires proving physical abilities.

Alright enough rambling from me today. Everyone at the Syracuse Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure- have a great day and keep striving for your goals!

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