Losing it...

I've been the 'big' girl most of my life growing up, and also the tallest girl usually. Throughout the years I was involved in sports, visited the gym, went on "diets", and made attempts to lose the weight. Sometimes I had a little success, only to relapse back or gain a little extra.

In 2008, my now husband and I had decided to join a local gym together. We both had good intentions but in the first two weeks 'life' seemed to get in the way of actually going to workout. He came home from a visit to our new gym and anounced 'I got myself a trainer for 20 sessions!' My first reaction was 'You did what?!?' As most people would imagine trainers aren't cheap, but after giving it a minute to settle in I realized that was the best thing for him, and then decided it would be a great idea for me so a few days later I found a trainer too!

My commitment to working out was much easier to make when I knew that I made an appointment twice a week with my trainer, Emily. Getting a trainer made me realize that getting to the gym 3-4 times per week was not hard to do once I made it part of my schedule. After my training sessions were up it was easy to keep up the efforts, and my husband became my new partner in training. Afterall we had gotten engaged about the time our training services expired, so we needed to stayed motivated.

We cycled through many different workout plans starting with body weight based exercises, and adding weight into the mix as we started to progress. For us changing up our routines every two to three months really helped us to easy results. We got a lot of our workout ideas straight off the internet, especially Men's Health Belly Off Plans.

When we first got our trainers we began to think more about what we were consuming, but we didn't make any drastic changes right away. Our lifestyle choices started to change as we became more confident in our abilities to keep up with the new workout routine. We made small, healthy swaps along the way and are always looking for new things that will help us have a long future together.

Weight loss was slow, but steady. By the time we reached our wedding day (about year later) I had lost approximately 50 pounds and my husband had lost around 70 pounds! After the wedding many people thought that we'd stop our progress, but we proved them wrong and kept on going! Since the wedding we both lost around 20 pounds.

Each day is a challenge, but with a little effort we've been able to maintain our commitment to a happy, healthy future!

Have questions??? Just let me know.

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