Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have officially finished the Buffalo Half-Marathon!!! I'm proud to say I have accomplished my goal. Here are the official stats:
Overall Place: 2313
Gun Time: 2:48:42
Class/Place: Female 25-29- 262 out of 296
Gender Place: 1268
Pace/Mi: 12:41
Chip Time: 2:46:07

I woke up bright and early this morning, took a quick shower, and had a big bowl of oatmeal. I also began to drink water, then it was off to the race. Here me putting on my "belt" to hold my phone and electrolyte gummies.

We gather all our stuff and headed downtown to get some decent parking, then we headed to the potty line because I figured by the time it was my turn that I would have to go- I was right.

Next stop was the starting area:

In the starting zone there were flags indicating completion times so you knew about where to get lined up, and there were people that had signed up to help the runners meet their pace goals. I didn't see a pacer for 2:30 (which was the longest half-marathon pacer time), so I followed the 2:20.

Here's a video of the race start, so you can get an idea of what it feels like:

So to start the race I figured I'd stick with the pacer as long as possible and then adjust as needed. I had no problem keeping up with him for the first 3 miles, but it seems like after he got some water from the water station he found some speed and he took off. I tried catching him, but I thought I would burn myself out so I just kept moving. It was a very hot race for being so early in the morning. My normal pace is around a 12 minute mile, but I was a bit slower this run.

Around mile 5 I saw our friends Mary and Brady running- they did the whole marathon!

Then around mile 6 I ended up running with a girl named Anna, she was the same pace and she was quite talkative. Since I normally run alone it was different to have someone to talk to, but it work out because she kept me going and moving toward the end.

Around mile 12.5 she decided she has some energy to burn so she decide to pick up pace to the finish line- I wished her luck and told her I'd see her there shortly. I finished up on my own. I came around the line at 2:48:42 with my awesome hubby cheering me on, he took a video- see if it works for you (you may need to tilt your head).

After crossing the finish line they handed me a bottle of water, then I grabbed a cup of water. After that it was on to the fruit- I had some orange wedges and half a banana. I was thirsty, and beginning to feel the effects of 13.1 miles in the hot sun. Thankfully the finish line was in the shade.

I met up with Matt after getting through the crowds at the finish line. I was feeling pretty weak, and drank lots of water. Then he presented me with a cupcake that he picked up to go along with the headband I wore for the race. I look pretty happy to be done don't I? Wearing my finished medal with pride.

Other Interesting observations:

Two guys running in socks around mile 2!! Yes socks- I had to do a double take and wish I was able to get a picture. Matt noticed a guy crossing the finish line with red running down his shirt...only to realize it was blood from chaffed nipples.

Now we can see why it would be smart for a guy to go shirtless or get nipple covers! (Yes they do sell them at the running store.)

People crossing the Full Marathon finish line at the same time I was just finishing the half-marathon! Some people are amazing!




  3. wow so amazing! that cupcake was well deserved!


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