Sunday, May 9, 2010

Peeling back the layers...

This weekend was kitchen focused. Matt was busy at work removing the last of the cabinets, but needed a little help when it came to taking off the sink. Nick came through with some extra tools and help Matt cap the water lines.

After getting all the cabinets out, Matt found that we had extensive water damage and mold. Not only was it under the sink but it extended outward.

Matt and Nick put on their masks and went to work removing the many layers of flooring, I think it was 5 different layers through the year. Under all those layers Matt found the original hardwards that match the rest of the house. We really wish we could refinish them, but with the water damage from the sink that won't be possible.

Matt finished up cleaning off the floors, and getting more of the glue and stick residue off. He also got the stairs off the kitchen cleaned off too. You'll also notice that he took out the closet and drop ceiling that previously was in the hall.

You may be wondering, 'Jen- what did you do?' Well my job at this point in the game was to organize and label all the flat packed cabinet boxes, each cabinet has a specific label. I was able to do this and I arranged it neatly against the wall by cabinet. I'm also in charge of nutrition, we need to eat but the goal is to avoid going out for each meal. The challenge right now is that we can only use the microwave, toaster oven, or grill. So far it has been a success. Tonight was grilled flank steak with grilled onions/peppers. On the side we had a Cilantro bean salad I made the other day. Yummy.

The "kitchen":

Then this afternoon, after procrastinating all day, Matt encouraged me to go tackle my 10 mile run. So I got on Map My Run, and figured out a route that would take me on a 10 mile route from the house, around town, and back to the house. I think I spend so long procrastinating because it was a cold windy day, but once I got out there it wasn't too bad. I had to stop at few stop lights, and I dragged a bit at the end but my average pace was 12:30 min/mi so I'm good with that. I find it difficult to pace myself, I'm hoping to feed off fellow runners during the race.

Here are my splits:
mi pace
1 12:10
2 11:51
3 11:19
4 12:11
5 12:42
6 11:57
7 12:51
8 12:29
9 13:09
10 13:00

Alright off to relax before a busy week...


  1. Keep up your hard work you are a true inspiration to us at home!!! Good job getting the kitchen all ready you guys are very busy people can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!!! Can you believe in 1 week and 3 days Brionna is going to be 1 it is so hard to believe!!!!! LOVE YOU GuYS

  2. Demolition work -- job well done!!


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