Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speedin' it up....

So today I thought I'd see how fast I could complete a mile. I found the gym treadmill is the easiest place to prove to myself I could do a mile in 10 minutes. So off I went to prove to myself I could speed it up, I set the treadmill to 6 mph, and I started running.

I was tempted at the half-way point to give myself a short walk break, but I told myself I could hold out for the last five minutes to complete my goal. I did it!!!!

I know you can't read the screen real well, but if you quint you probably will be able to make out that it reads 1.0 miles in 10:05 minutes. Yeah!!!!

I didn't stop there though, I kept it up. I took a 1 minute walk, then picked it back up for another mile. Took one last 1 minute walk, then completed mile 3.

Now there is no way I could do a half-marathon at that pace (at this point), but over the next month I do plan to continue to have fast runs each week so that I will be able to improve my expected half-marathon pace.

Have a great night!

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