Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obviously I've been running a lot lately to get ready for the half-marathon, but lately it takes at least an hour so it's hard to fit it in along with my strength training routine. So I decided this week to switch it up. I'm going to do strength training Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and I'm doing my running on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday(long) with a walk on Sunday.

Tonight was my run, so I decided to try out my running skirt and hit the local sidewalks for a five mile run. It went pretty good I weaved my way about 2.5 miles out from the house then turned around and headed home. On the way home it got a bit windy on my way home as a storm appeared to be coming, and it started to sprinkle. Luckily I made it home without any major rain. I also was able to pull off five miles in 1 hour 1 minute, which means I was able to maintain my pace of 12:00 minute miles on average.

I was very happy to see that because it is so hard to run alone, against the wind and with no tunes to keep you groovin'. Although I think I am taking a liking to running.

Check out today's splits:

mi pace
1 12:44
2 12:58
3 11:55
4 12:12
5 11:42

Have a great night!

Happy Birthday Katie!

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