Thursday, May 27, 2010

My that's a big...


Tonight we went out to do a little kitchen shopping and found this awesome wrench. Every home owner needs one of these babies! And Sabrina needs a house warming present, coincidence- I think not!

We also took a look at under cabinet lighting, and got a few tools to assist Matt in playing the subflooring tomorrow. I put in some work tonight on the kitchen- my skills include wall paper removal. I did a little on Tuesday evening, and continued tonight. With 2 layers of paper over two layers of paint over a layer of wallpaper it takes some time- but vinegar/water sure helps out. The sweat equity will be worth it soon enough. And hopefully after this weekend we will have some new progress pictures to post since we'll finally be around to work on the kitchen!

Alright off to make dinner and pack a lunch- see you tomorrow.

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