Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's Next?

So after you meet a goal, what do you do next? Set a new one (or a bunch).

Taking a quick assessment of where I am right now I can see that June will be a challenging month. Work right now is crazy and eight hours a day doesn't seem like enough. Our house is still in construction mode. Cooking nutritious meals is a challenge with the construction. Working out is now taking on focus toward building strength again. So knowing what is ahead I can try to prepare to conquer it all.

For starters there will be no traveling out of town in June, and I'm going to have 30straight days to get through these goals:

1. I'm going to put in a few extra hours on the job, and I'm going to be sure my manager understands my time constraints before assigns me extra tasks. I certainly don't mind projects, but I don't want to fall behind on my regular work.

2. Construction mode will be in full swing- as I write Matt is busy working on the removing wallpaper and starting to smooth the walls. The weekends will be our most productive times- so look for updates to come.

3. Despite have zero counter space, the bathtub for a sink, and no stove our plan is not to resort to eat out all the time. I've planned meals, bought lots of veggies, and always have black bean burger as a backup plan- and we will continue to eat healthy. And when the kitchen is done we are going to appreciate it sooooo much!

4. I'm back to including protein shakes and I'm taking my vitamins again (I don't remember why I stopped- I must have just forgot!) I will also be focusing back on the strength training and weight lifting exercises again. I'd like to also get back to losing weight again. I will also continue to run, but I'm going to shorten the distance and work on speed intervals.

So there you have it- June will be busy, but since July means vacation time I'm sure it will go quickly.

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  1. HEy Paul and I were thinking about bring bri to the zoo at some point in July are you guys going away i was thinking the 30th-1 of august but you let us know what you guys are doing


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