Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Run....

I just finished my run at the gym a little more than an hour ago, it felt pretty good. I was a bit sore after yesterday's 7 mile run, so I felt like the three mile run gave me a chance to stretch those muscles out a little bit.

This weeks goals:
Monday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 5 miles
Friday- 3 miles
Sunday- 7 miles

I've actually decided to replace Sunday's run with the local Shamrock 8k Run. The 8k distance actually only equals 5.97 miles, so I will not be running quite as far but I'm willing to trade this because it will give me a chance to run outside and around other people.

Running with others is difficult especially when the race starts out because everyone has their own pace. So my goal is to do my best through the congestion and use it to warm up, then when it finally starts to spread out I'm hoping to find my pace.

Tonight's dinner:

Chicken Sausage w/ Homemade Sweet Potato Fries and a yummy honey mustard sauce.

And tonight I'll leave you with a photo of me and the hubby from dinner over the weekend...

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  1. look at that cute looking married couple..awww. sooo healthy looking too!


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