Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm official...

I'm officially training for the 2010 Buffalo Marathon & Half-marathon!!! Well, okay I've been training since January, but my training t-shirt that came with registering just arrived at the house yesterday. Matt was kind enough to open it and take a picture. The bad news it is too big for me to actually wear when training, but maybe Matt can wear it as he cheers from the side of the race course.

Onto working out, I got up this morning at 4:45am to do my strength training, but wasn't quite feeling it. So I made a deal with myself to get up, get dressed, and do 15 minutes of my routine and then go from there. After about 15/20 minutes I just mentally wasn't in it so I decided to call it done for the day.

So feeling a little guilty this evening (and enticed by the nice weather) I decided to head out on the streets of Dallas for a little walk. Well I got outside and decided to run- and ran 2.5 miles out to the West End area of Dallas then turned around and headed back to the hotel. I had a great run out to my turn around point (2.5 miles in 22:55 min), but ended up being slower on the way back (2.5 miles 35:45 min). Overall I ended up with an average 11:57 min/mile, which made me happy!

Strength training tomorrow morning!

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