Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

The goal of the day was to complete the 8k at a 12 minute mile pace, basically 60 minutes or less. Now this might not seem like much, but maintaining an average speed over the 5 miles was quite an accomplishment for us. Sabrina and I did great, we stayed together and encouraged each other to just keep jogging along! Sabrina's calves have been giving her some trouble so it was great she was able to work through it. Toward the end I decided to give it an extra push and see how quick I could bring it in, so that is why our times are slightly different- but they aren't much different. Either way I'm very proud of us both!

First step was to wait in line to get our chips. Chips are zip-tied onto your shoe to allow for accurate and instant timing!

Headed toward the starting point, just trying to stay warm. It was sunny but a bit windy and about 35 degrees.

A little pre-race flexing for you to enjoy!

Here's the BEER MAN! He's not only got a fuel belt loaded with beer, he also has a small speaker strapped to his helmet so he can pump the beats! Let's just say that this race brings out some characters!

A leprechaun kissed me!

Our post race nutrition was Homemade Oatmeal Cookies w/ raisins and dark chocolate. Matt was kind enough to carry a backpack that had cookies and water for us after the race. The recipe was from Clean Eating, mine look different- but they tasted great!

Jen's Official Time:

Sabrina's Official Time:

So there you have it. It was a beautiful day here in Buffalo, and we really proved to ourselves we can do this. So onward with the Halfthon training!

(Note: Halfthon is not a actual word, but I'm making it a word so get use to it.)

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