Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ready, Set, Eat....

First up my dinner....

I had a veggies burger with the fixings, wheat berry salad, and a pickle. Yum!

Onto Dallas planning:
The main question is how to handle meals? I will be in a new city, living out of a hotel room, and most likely working longer than normal days. Here's how I am going about tackling all these challenges:

New City: Thankfully the Internet provides access to maps and searches, so I've been able to locate stores and restaurants. Nearby stores include the basic CVS Pharmacy that will give me access to come general products, but then there is also a grocery store just two blocks away. It looks like the grocery store is not a chain store and might just offer some of the more health-oriented products. I'd like to be able to get some Ezekiel cereal, Ezekiel bread, unsweetened dried fruit, almond milk, oranges, bananas, apples, salad, and oatmeal just to start. I also noticed they have a prepared food restaurant that has many healthy options and allows you to replace the fries with fresh fruit at no charge! I'm packing one of our reusable shopping bags too!

Hotel Room: Well the good news is I won't just have a simple hotel room, I'm getting upgraded to a suite because I'm staying so long. Yeah! It's got a full-size kitchen that is stocked with all the necessary dishes and cooking tools I will need. It probably won't have an oven or a food processor, but I can work around that. It will feel a little like home with the kitchen and living room- although Matt won't be there.

Long Days: Being that I'm part of the instructor team I will have to arrive early and probably stay later each day, and I think some evenings will be spent reviewing tests and cases studies. It is important to me to eat smart meals throughout the day. I plan to bring along sandwich bags and Tupperware bowls to make lunch packing easier. I plan to eat breakfast at the hotel, then pack snacks and lunch for during the day. Some evenings I will go out to dinner with my co-workers, and I plan to take home half my meal for lunch the next day. Then some nights I will stay in and make something for myself using my hotel kitchen. My co-workers know I'm health-conscious so they know I won't be planning to eat out for every meal, so I won't feel any pressure to conform.

Anyone have any other ways to handle these challenges? What would you do if you were away from home for a whole month?

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