Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Night....

Tuesday and Thursday nights are typically rest days from the normal gym activities, which gives us both a break and a chance to get stuff done. Tonight I had a couple errands to run.

First up was picking up the race number for Saturday's Shamrock Run, which is an 8k through the 1st Ward of downtown Buffalo- the original Irish area of Buffalo. If I had signed up sooner I would have gotten a free jacket with registration, but instead a got a nice little knit cap. Everyone loves free stuff, and a warm head isn't bad either!

If you are in Buffalo be looking for #4718 to be crossing the finish line!

Next up was a trip to Fleet Feet to see if they had a spibelt, but they didn't so I got something just like it. I tried it out "jogging" and jumping around the kitchen- Matt is now calling it the world's smallest fanny pack! Oh well, if it holds my phone and my key I'll take it. Oh, and they were having a 50% off sale on all the long sleeve gear, so I picked up a green/grey running top.

Then we were hungry, so I decided to take Matt to Amy's Place. It's a little place over by the university that offers an array of food from vegetarian, vegan, and other typical diner like options. I only took a picture of my meal, which was a Lentil-Berry Sandwich (Vegetarian). It actually is more like a wrap, and resembles a giant burrito. It was huge, so I have lunch for tomorrow now too.

Have a great night!!!

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  1. I enjoy the variety of your posts and I really admire your commitment to healthy living. Your dedication to exercise and nutritious eating (Mmmmm...the meals look so tasty) are commendable and inspirational. Keep it going and don't forget the greens!!


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