Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy, busy bee

I know you're probably wondering where I've been, but it been a busy few days. We've had things to get done before I leave for Dallas on Monday.

Saturday was our busiest day. We went over to Ohio to pick up our new car. It was a very rainy drive 3 hours each way, but we had a good day. The couple we purchased the car from was super to work with, we even had enough to enough a great lunch with them at one of their local organic restaurant spots. Then on our way out of town we also stopped off at Whole Foods to get some new products to tryout.
Out with the old...

(We actually still have this car until the end of April,so it will be driven until I have to turn it in.)

In with the new...

Whole Foods in Chagrin, Ohio

Some of the products we bought to try out...

Then once we finally made it back to Buffalo, we had a few errands to run then it was home to get some sleep due to the losing of an hour. I turned my clock back before I went to bed, and set the alarm for the early morning hours so I could get my run in. Yup got up had some oatmeal before heading to the gym for eight fun filled miles of running on the treadmill. It felt good to get it done, and I completed it in my 5 mph pace.

This morning after running we met up with our friends for some breakfast and to celebrate Sabrina's Birthday with some French Toast. Yummy! Then some more errands, and home to pack. I'm almost done packing, two suit cases and a carry on- pretty good for being away for a month.

Oh and one more thing...
Matt got me a new book I've been eyeing that we weren't able to find the other day. Yeah!!! It goes along with the Food, Inc. concepts- so I'll have something to read on the plane and at the hotel.'ll hear from me when I get to Dallas! Have a great day!

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