Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I did it!!!

What did I do, you ask? Well, I got up at 4:45am to run. Yeah, I know that I'm crazy- but it was nice to get my run done first thing in the morning. I woke up, ate half of a Glo Bar, then took my water and headed down to the treadmills.

I don't currently feel comfortable enough with the city to head outside in the dark at 5am, so the treadmill works just fine. The only problem I found was that the gym was like a sauna- a steamy 75 degrees at 5am.

The rest of the day was spent in a very hot office prepping for the upcoming training class, but the day went pretty quickly considering. For lunch I got a bowl of soup with a small salad and fresh fruit. I had half my morning glo-bar at 10am and around 3pm I had some grapes for a snacks. Dinner was at a local restaurant called Jason's Deli. I got the salad bar with a side of chicken for protein. The salad bar was awesome so great fresh veggies- I'll definitely visiting that restaurant again.

One more fun item I didn't get a chance to mention, I saw someone famous while waiting for my baggage! It was chef Curtis Stone, some of you might know him others might not. He had a cooking show called - Take Home Chef at one point in time, but I think he just did Celebrity Apprentice. I really wanted to say something, but feel that it would be annoying to have someone always chasing after you. I snapped with the iPhone, but it didn't come out well.

Alright well off to do some a little more prep work!

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  1. Curtis Stone!?...i love his hair..i want that


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