Monday, March 22, 2010


It appears that since I've reached nine consecutive miles of running, I've been experiencing some discomfort. Something that can be fixed by investing in seamless, moisture wicking fabrics.

Yesterday after completing my nine miles I noticed that I had some bad skin reactions to my workout:

1- Around my collar bone the seam caused chaffing and redness- I can still feel the bums!

2- On my chest I've also broken out from the rubbing of my sports bra and just having a sweaty shirt on for almost two hours.

3- The oddest injury was to a few of my toes. The seam on my socks has been rubbing and irritating the cuticle area of my toes.

So I guess it means that it is time to invest in my running gear!!!

My shopping list:

1- Running shirt/tank made of sweat wicking fabric without seamless. I need at least one for my long runs, but I think at least two would be better.

2- A new sports bra, again made of sweat wicking fabrics. (I know you didn't really need to know about my sports bras, but at the same time you do.)

3- Seamless socks to keep my tootsies happy.

Basically I need seamless, sweat wicking products. I plan to find a running store here in Texas and see what I can get. I plan to rent a car this weekend to visit a friend so I'll have to make sure to find something in my travels.

Any good products you'd like to suggest?

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