Monday, March 15, 2010

I have arrived...

Well it was a full day of travel, but I've arrived safely in Dallas and have settled into my hotel. It's only 7pm here right now, but it feels like 8pm. I took some pictures during my travels today to share with you, check them out.

During my layover I got a bottle of water (which I refilled), and a turkey wrap. Not the best food, but better than greasy pizza or McDonald's.

The next three pictures are my hotel suite, it's like having a small apartment. Very nice!

After I got my bags mostly unpacked, I hit up the local 'grocery' store for some food to have available for meals at the hotel and snacks to take to work. My co-workers don't eat six meals a day, but I still do.

Then it was dinner time so I decide to meet my two co-workers for dinner, one is actually my boss and the other is from North Carolina. We went to a Mexican restaurant within walking distance. I ordered a grilled chicken bowl with steamed veggies, rice, and beans- super yummy! I took a picture, but blogger thinks I have too many pictures so it won't load another.

Alright off to finish settling in...

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