Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grill it up....

So after my hotel oats this morning I headed off to my training seminar, and found that they had quite the spread of foods. Unfortunately it was mostly gaint bagels, pasteries, and muffins. But after a few minutes I was able to locate some fresh cut fruit so I created a fruit salad- so fresh and yummy!

I packed my own granola for snacks throughout the day and there was a supply of water available so I was all set.

For lunch we had an hour to venture out for food. We found a nice sandwich shop, and I choose the grilled veggie sandwich on multigrain, which came with homemade chips. I ate the sandwich first, and tried a few chips out.

For dinner it was back out to downtown Chicago, and we chose to try Weber Grill. As you walk in they have the classic weber grills a blazin'.

And a classic burger with fries. It was huge! So I didn't finish it and I only had a few fries.

After dinner we talked through some shops and through the streets of Chicago. Now off to get some relaxing in, and then sleeping.

Early morning workout in the am.

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  1. soooooo goood..sooooooo jealous. nom nom nom


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