Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

It's Earth Day!

Today we as a country focus on what we can do to help preserve our earth for ourselves and future generations. As the years have gone by I think that as a society we've allowed modern conveniences to get in the way of preserving the planet. Just think about how much garbage we create on a daily basis, and the number of pollutants we release into the air we breathe.

So here are a few suggestions of things I do:

1. I drink water and other beverages from a re-usable container or washable cup. Occasionally I still end up with a plastic bottle so I'm always sure to make sure I'm returning it for the deposit so it can be recycled, or I recycle it myself.

2. Matt and I recycle a lot of stuff. I'd even say that some weeks our recycling outweighs our regular trash.

3. Matt and I have also started using natural cleaning products. This helps to reduce chemical toxins being released into the air, and they do actually work really well. So far we have only incorporated dish soap and spray cleaner, but will continue to purchase other natural products as needed.

By no means are my efforts perfect, but every little bit counts. And I find as I get use to doing one thing, I am able4 to add more over time. Baby steps.

What do you do?

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  1. dont forget the biodegradable trash bags....and reusable toilet paper (hehehe)


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