Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm back from a whirlwind...

So you might have noticed I've been missing from my blog for a little over a week longest time away! So sorry to all of you who check for new posts each day. I've been real busy between weekends plans and daily activities related to the training class (meaning working in the evenings too!). So here goes my attempt to catch you up:

Last Saturday I rented a car and took a roadtrip South of Dallas to Killeen, TX see a great college friend that I really needed to catch up with. I didn't have a lot of time for side trips but I did find my way to a Harely Davidson shop to pick up a souvenir for my dad. I typically don't bring back souvenirs, but I know he'll use it so I made an exception. Anyways back to the purpose of the trip, seeing Celia and finally meeting her husband and baby. Her baby is an awesome little guy so very happy- loved flirting and laughing. I hope someday my baby is that good! After a great but too short visit I had to get back into the city to return my rental vehicle.

After returning from Killeen I was suppose to complete a planned 10 mile long run for the week, but I have to admit that it just didn't happen. After the long drive I was not mentally or physically into completing 10 miles. Plus I noticed that it was extremely windy in downtown Dallas and fighting the wind would have made it that much more difficult. So for those of you that believe I'm so perfect about meeting my training plans to a "T", here's proof that adapting your plan to how you feel it just as important as following a plan.

Monday to Friday of last week I completed my running and lifting exercises as planned to stay on track, and because I gave my self a break on the long run. As for training it was very busy- all day class and then planning/reviewing at night. Needless to say there wasn't much time left at the end of the day to blog.

Then since Saturday was our day off, we ventured out of Dallas to see some sights and do some shopping.

First up was enjoying some nice weather while looking at sculptures in Frisco, TX. Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy:

After touring the sculptures, we head to IKEA!!!! My boss had never been to Ikea, it so fun to explore Ikea with someone who has been never seen all the neat stuff they sell. We spent lots of time walking around, and she picked up lots of little things to help her get organized. I picked up a surprise for Matt.

By this point we were all gettting hungry, so I suggested we stop a Whole Foods for lunch and so I could pick up a few groceries for this last week. I picked up some Seedduction bread, fruit & nut mix, Ezekiel cereal, and almond milk. For lunch I got a chicken sandwich and loaded with lettuce, tomato, and avocado. So good and half filled me up.

After lunch we explored the Texas State Fairgrounds, which is home to the big event held in September each year. However in the off season there are museum exhibits and this weekend it was the finish line for a bike race.

Lastly, today's big adventure was a 10 mile long run. I completed the run by starting at the hotel, running to Katy Trail, running the entire trail then I turned around and ran back to the hotel. Before the run I had a Power Bar, at mile 5 I had some Gel Chews, at mile 8.5 I had more Gel Chews.

It took me 2 hours and 9 minutes to complete and here are my splits:

mi pace climb (ft)
1 11:01 -25
2 11:49 40
3 12:05 9
4 12:31 46
5 15:55 29
6 12:30 -30
7 12:47 -52
8 13:34 -16
9 12:48 6
10 14:00 23

The 15 minutes at mile 5 was because I forgot to hit pause on the tracker so it counted my break into the time. Oops!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and made it through all the updates from me!


  1. youre simply amazing.....remember when you said "im not a runner"...ha!, looks like you proved yourself wrong there! awesome!!!

    i like your pictures too. your getting better at it. from the iPhone?

  2. i was starting to think something happened. I asked mom the other day if she had heard from you. I love to read your update and i am so proud of youKeep up your awesome work call me when you have time i need to talk to you about bris first birthday


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