Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doing Good....

Last night was date night with the hubby. We went to dinner and a movie. The eats were awesome...

A flight of wines. Red for me and White for the hubby. Feeling good!

An appetizer of Grilled Flank Flat bread.

Rustico salad with cranberries, pear, tomato, and walnut.

The hubs Tilapia with Crabmeat, very tasty and fresh.

Balsamic Chicken for me, a great choice.

We had a great time and ended up with plenty of leftovers to enjoy for lunch today. After our early dinner, we strolled through the mall. We both picked up some new workout clothes, which were much needed! Then we got a coffee and did some people watching to kill time before our movie started.

We went to see 'Date Night'. It was really great, we both enjoyed it and found it very funny. There were some intense moment when Matt had to watch one his dream cars being destroyed, but it was funny at the same time! I'd say this movie is a go see, date or no date.

Then after all that fun, it was home to get some sleep for a long run this morning.

This morning I got up, ate my oatmeal and then hit the road shortly after 7am. I ran for 2 1/2 hours. I jogged nearly the whole thing, but took a brief walking break after I fell. Yup, I was running along happy when tripped on the sidewalk. Nobody saw me so I just got up and walked it off. Just few scraps, and probably a bruise will show up on my knee. I'm so graceful. I walked for a little bit then pushed on through to finish up the last 20 minutes of my run.

Along the way I had an energy every few miles, which provide electrolytes. I don't like carrying a water bottle so I hydrate before and after my runs.

Alright its off to eat a second breakfast, get ready for church, go to church, and then run some errands to get ready for my trip tomorrow. I'll try to write again later about my plans for meals while in a hotel room.

Chicago here I come!

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  1. Have a great trip and stay safe. I just wanted to say thanks for being a huge inspiration to me LOVE YOU


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