Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short and Sweet...

Tonight's post is short because it has been a busy day, and I'm tired. I have some kind of congestion too- so I just want a hot shower and my bed.

I wanted to share with you that our new curtains for the new windows are finally up. We found great deals between $5 sheers at Christmas Tree and 50% off at JCP. So excited to have curtains that are the same length, and not faded from the intense sun. (Yes, sun in Buffalo- can you believe it? I think it is the worse when the snow is on the ground- so reflective!) We made sure to get lined curtains this time around to hopefully avoid the color fading. We're pretty pleased with how they came out, what do you think?

Look for the next 'Half-Marathon Weekly' coming tomorrow. If you've decided to join the challenge, welcome to the fun! It will be hard, but we can do it.

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