Friday, January 22, 2010

Matt's Birthday

It was Matt's Birthday Yesterday!!!

So in celebration I had little gifts and clues for him to find all day, ending with a clue of where to meet me after work. I had to do some planning to get all the gifts and clues hidden in his car or lunch bag.

For dinner I gave him the clue needed to lead him to SAMPLE! If you're not from Buffalo, it is a small restaurant in Allentown that is based around serving miniture sized foods to give you a sample of many tastes. We got the Chef's choice, which means we got a taste of the specialities on the menu served in small courses. The food is small but when eaten over a span of time it is definitely filling. Here are some pictures we took:

First a picture of the Birthday Boy!

Our Main Entrees:

Clearing the plates was not an issue!

This was our dessert sampler:

Alright off to the gym for our Friday lifting and a 2 mile run! Maybe I'll be inspired later and write another post- we'll see!

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