Friday, January 15, 2010

Live Actively...

Most week nights Matt and I stay close to home because by the time we get home from work/gym and make dinner it's late. Usually there is just enough time to relax for a little bi then it's off to bed for the night. So during the weekend, the goal is to get out and do something active.

I'm not talking about hitting the gym, we do that three to four times a week. Plus right now it is too busy there. So we are going to be hitting the slopes as part of being active. Tomorrow is the second time we will get to ski this season, and another chance to break in our new gear.

Personally I'm still mastering my ski techniques, but I try and I manage to get down the hill successfully. When in doubt I go into the beginner 'pie' mode where you put your tips together, and push the backs out to slow down.

So wish us luck as we take part of the day to get out and enjoy the warm up here. It will be almost 40 degrees...yeah!!!

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