Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hitting the Pavement

Today a four mile run, and since it was unseasonably warm here today (40 degrees) Sabrina and I decided to head outside together and conquer 4 miles. By conquer I mean, this was the first time we were running 4 miles and there would be no treadmill there to propel us forward at specific pace.

I downloaded a new app on the iPhone last night to help us track our distance, and it even told us our average pace. We stayed together the whole run, completed 4 miles, and had an 12 minute mile average. While this isn't fabulous for experienced runners- it made us happy. We can only improve from here, right?

How did everyone else run/walk go today? Are you finding that it is getting easier?

Alright off to finish preparing this weeks's going to be a tasty week.

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