Monday, January 4, 2010

Clean Eating: What is it?

A few months ago I came across the concept of 'clean eating.' I did some research and found Tosca Reno's series of books the detail clean eating and living techniques. I even found a magazine devoted to the concept- Clean Eating Magazine. needless to say I was hooked and began trying to take it all in.

So what is you ask? It's not a diet, but a lifestyle (though the word diet does appear on the book). In adapting to this lifestyle, the choice is made to have knowledge of what is in your food. Two basic questions are: Does my food have a mother? Does my food come from the earth? At first, it may seem like this lifestyle would be difficult to adapt to, but it really isn't. You'll be especially happy to know food tastes really good without all the chemicals in it.

If you look in Tosca Reno's books you will see pictures of each recipe, so you'll easily be able to see the food looks just like what you've been eating anyways. Still not convinced? What if I said you're expected to eat six times a day!?! I'm not talking about a buffet at every meal, but you certainly won't go hungry especially if you follow the concept and combine proteins with healthy carbs. Yes I said it- CARBS! Even further proof that this lifestyle isn't a fad, it actually encourages consumption of a carb with your protein. Not all carbs are bad for you.

So check out Tosca Reno's 'Eat-Clean Diet' first to get a handle on the basics of the lifestyle concept. The book even includes meal plan suggestion so you don't have to work too hard. Then you an pick up her cookbooks too! You can also make you own combinations, but it will help to have a guide the first few times. Once you get the hang of it you'll find ways to create your favorite food in a cleaner, healthier way.

Keep posted hear as I cook Tosca's recipes and invent my own clean versions of our favorite foods. Enjoy! Feel free to let me know your favorite recipe from Tosca!

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