Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Business Trip

I get to go out of town for training in March, yes I know that seems far away- but I plan ahead. I like business trips because it give me a little variation to my normal schedule. This time I'm headed to Philadelphia for 9 days. Business trips provide variation but they are provide a challenge.

What challenge? Staying on track with my health and fitness goals. Typically during training sessions people have very few options to prepare their own meals, and rely on the federal building cafeteria and local restaurants. Which means that each night people break off into little 'groups' and go out in search of food.

It may sound bad but I try not to become part of these groups, they probably think I'm being anti-social but really I'm just trying to maintain what I've worked so hard for. So I typically return to the hotel and do some sort of workout, depending on the gym provided. I try to keep things similar to I normally go about my day, plus I don't like to eat dinner until after I work out. During previous trainings for my job, I actually had a co-worker who knew that I wanted to get a gym workout in each night and knew that foods options should be generally healthy, and she would wait for me before going to dinner. She won't be there this time.

So I'll go it alone. I already know where the local Whole Foods store is and where the indoor market is, so I will just have to do my best. I will certainly get lots of walking in as I travel to these places. And hey, maybe someone else at training will be health-minded too!

More to come related to how I plan to stick with my plan despite not having a fridge or stove available. I've got some time to plan it out, maybe it will even help you when you have to head out of town for business or pleasure.

Do you have any ideas you want to share?

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