Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, so I figured I'd start it by starting a blog. Currently I see the blog as an opportunity to share my thoughts as I begin a year of further focus on health and focus.

Last year, Matt (my husband) and I made great strides to living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Matt was able to drop 70 pounds, and I dropped 60 pounds- all through hardwork, conscience eating, and teamwork. So this year we obviously plan to continue on our pursuit of health.

For our nutrition: We are incorporating the concept of Clean Eating, which I'll explain more about soon. We also have been making several protein/health bars over the last couple months so we want to continue with that. We hope to add a dehydrator to our cooking tools within the next couple months.

For physical health: Matt will continue to focus on growing stronger muscles and maintaining a low body fat. And I have set a personal goal of completing a half-marathon on May 30th in Buffalo, while still maintaining the muscles I've worked so hard for.

Alright well that is a good start for now. The goal will be to post at during weekdays, and weekends when possible. Hope you enjoy!

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