Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shop 'til We Drop

Oh Saturday, full of getting ready for another busy week! This morning I spent time finalizing our meal plans for the week. Yes that was plural- planS. Matt and I currently have different goals as far bulking versus losing weight. Obviously, Matt is the one interested in gaining the muscle mass. So this will be the first week we will be eating completely different things for our 6-7 meals. It should make for an interesting week in our tiny kitchen.

Today we also got a chance to get out to store and do some stock up type shopping. Even got some curtains for our new front window at 50% off, gotta love a bargain. Also, Old Navy had some shirts for like $3...what a deal. So we walked through the mall, store, and did grocery shopping for a few hours so now home to rest. We're going to watch the latest Star Trek Movie (Matt's pick).

Tomorrow's run....3 MILES! The goal is to maintain the 5mph pace, so let's hope for some good music on my Pandora and some quality people watching.

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