Monday, January 31, 2011

Interval Addiction...

I say: "Hi, my name is Jen, and I maybe addicted to intervals."

You say: "Welcome Jen."

Tonight's plan was an upper workout with Sabrina joining me. She had mentioned earlier in the day that she'd like to get a good run in, so me being the interval addict that I am becoming created a cardio plan that really gave us both a workout.

First you should know Monday's are the craziest at the gym, and coming across an open treadmill isn't always easy. I anticipated this so I created a plan that required one treadmill for two people.

We each did 1 minute sprint intervals alternating turns on the treadmill. During our non-sprint minute we did the following actions:

Round 1: Tricep Extensions
Round 2: 30 sec plank
Round 3: Bicep Curls
Round 4: 30 sec side plank (right)
Round 5: Crunches
Round 6: 30 sec side plank (left)
Round 7: 10 push-ups
Round 8: 30 sec plank
Round 9: Crunches
Round 10: Dumbbell Rows

After we completed our 10 sprints and 10 non-sprints, we decided to push it for 5 more rounds. For the last 5 rounds we each chose our own non-sprint set. Needless to say this was an awesome workout and made the time go fast. Each time we switched spots on the treadmill we used the pause button and then gave it a few seconds to get back up to speed before timing ourselves. In 40 minutes we covered over 4.5 miles between the two of us!

Normally I would only do Fastest Payoff once a week, but since I changed things up a bit I consider them different workouts. I guess my suggestion would be to give yourself at least one day of rest between high speed intervals, and always listen to your body!

Intervals- do you love them or hate them?

If you really want more, scream it out louder,
If you're on the floor, bring out the fire,
And light it up, take it up higher,
Gonna push it to the limit, give it more.
-More, Usher


  1. I love the idea of maximizing your treadmill usage - I'm not an intervals person (read: I've never done them...ever!). But, I just love this idea, and honestly I really do need to get into them.

  2. This is such a great idea for gym training. First I get completely bored when working out sometimes. This is definitely a boredom buster. It's also great because two people get a good workout instead of just one. You get major points for this idea.

  3. Intervals are SO good for you....but SO hard! Good for you for powering through.

  4. seriously...these interval training workouts kick ass. if you need a good sweat workout - this is it!

  5. So, I've tried intervals on the treadmills at my gym, and I have not been successful. Plus, I sadly don't have any room near any of the treadmills to be able to hop off and do the other stuff that you have suggested. I'll have to think of something.

    Anyways, I have another request. I can't find the recipe for brownies with oreos in them. I have a birthday coming up at school, and brownies and oreos are her favorite. Help please?


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