Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fastest Payoff..

I happy to see a few other enjoy edamame...they are quite tasty! This weekend was again fairly busy, nothing terribly productive but just a typical weekend.

Normally I workout Friday evenings, then take Saturday and Sunday as rest days so that I can "sleep in" and we can just have some fun. Well I woke up today (Sunday) at 7 so I figured I could squeeze in a workout before going out breakfast and heading to church!

So I went with the best quick workout around- Fastest Payoff! It is a great combination of cardio and strength training intervals that will having feeling great in no time, and maybe a bit sweaty. Sweat = Progress.

Here's the plan:

Set 1: 60 second sprint, 10 squats, 3o second plank of any style
(Complete 5 times in a row.)
2 minute active walking recovery

Set2: 80 second sprint, 10 bent-over rows w/dumbells, 15 sit ups (any-style)
(Complete 4 times in a row.)
2 minute active walking recovery

Set 3: 40 second sprint, 10 push-ups, 10 Single-leg Twists
(Complete 3 times in a row.)
2 minute active walking recovery

Set 4: 60 second sprint, 30 second planks
(Complete 2 times in a row.)
5 minute active walking cool-down

All you'll need is a yoga mat, 2 weights of your choice (I use 10lbs), and a treadmill. I grab everything I need and set up a little station behind my treadmill at the gym. Your sprints can be at any speed you're comfortable with, today I was sprinting between 6.5mph and 7mph- which is quick for me. Nobody seems to mind that I keep jumping on and off the treadmill, but I'm sure they are wonder where I came up with this idea.

My husband actually came across this workout about 2 years ago when we were in the earlier stages of our lifestyle change. I must say that back then I was probably doing my sprints at 5mph and feeling the burn. This workout is great because it grow with you!

Do you have any great workouts to share? Include a link if you have one!


  1. I remember that workout. I am going to have to try that at home. Think I will love it. Thanks for the tip! How often can/should you do this? I am assuming this is not a 3x a week workout.

  2. Looks like an efficient and challenging workout! Sweat feels so good, doesn't it?

  3. Sometimes I workout on my Rest Day too. Sometimes you just feel it. Good job. Love the sunday sweat!


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