Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cookbook Challenge #3

This weekend was crazy so I wasn't sure that I was going to get to the cookbook challenge, but on Sunday I took a look through the next cookbook in the line-up. I easily found a recipe that intrigued me and one that I had most of the ingredients for.

The Cookbook- Moosewood Restaurant: New Classics
This cookbook was a freebie my husband received from a co-worker that was clearing off her bookshelves. Moosewood Restaurant is located in Ithaca, NY and this cookbook was full of appealing recipes that will definitely be considered in future cookbook challenges.

The Recipe:

I chose this recipe because I've never made biscotti, I had most of the ingredients, and I love chocolate (who doesn't?). I made a few small substitutions on this recipe because it was far to cold to run to the store: I used craisins instead of dried cherries, white chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips, and vanilla extract instead of vanilla & almond.

I followed the recipe and combined all ingredients, and then formed a "loaf" with the dough that I molded until it was approximately one inch high, four inches wide, and fourteen inches long. I baked it as a "loaf", as instructed.

After it came out of the oven it cooled a bit before Matt sliced it to resemble the typical biscotti form. The sliced biscotti was then baked for a few more minutes on each side to create the crisp crunch we all know and love.

After all the baking and awesome smells filling the house our final product was pretty impressive for a first shot at biscotti. If I had been really ambitious they would have gotten dipped in chocolate, but after tasting them I decided they were perfect the way Moosewood Restaurant intended them to be!

What did you cook this weekend? Do you have any recipes planned for this week?


  1. Biscotti is one of my favorite things to make--it's pretty simple but seems exotic and difficult. Looks yummy!

  2. The biscotti is one of the best ive ever tasted. serioulsy. i hought it was didfficult too. but its pretty quick and easy. not to mention a nice treat!

  3. This biscotti looks wonderful. It's always seemed like an intimidating thing to make at home, but this makes it look fun. I may try it after all.

  4. @ ELC- I wish I had known sooner how easy it was!

    @ Michele- Happy to have you as a reader, and definitely give biscotti a shot I think you'll be plesantly surprised!

  5. Looks great! The one and only time I've tried to make biscotti I failed....pretty bad. ;P

  6. I don't think I did much cooking this weekend bec people have still been bringing us meals. I did make a yummy roasted egpplant sandwich the other night though.


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