Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cookbook Challenge: Week 4

The next cookbook in the line-up is Betty Crocker's: Eat and Lose Weight.

This is a cookbook we received free from someone clearing out their clutter. We figured why not, we have a lot of shelving space! No not really, but a cookbook is a good thing to have around.

As I was flipping through the recipes I found a recipe based around polenta. Neither of us had ever had polenta so I figured we should at least try it out, plus it included lots of veggies.

The Recipe: Ratatouille Polenta Bake

So I chopped, sauteed, layered and baked it all up together. At the end I even topped it with some cheese, yum!

Overall we liked it, I made it Sunday night and it was gone by Tuesday. Polenta is heavy on the carbs, so it definitely isn't something that I would choose to eat a lot though it was a good experience. Next time I think I would look for a different brand of polenta, maybe something flavored, and something that wasn't in a brick form. I always thought polenta came in a tube, but all I could find was a brick of polenta.

Anyways I say- one thumb up, one thumb down.

Have you ever had polenta? Do you like it?


  1. I've had polenta - the way I like it best is when you make it from loose cornmeal. Definitely try it that way because it's a totally different creamy experience!

  2. Funny...I don't normally think of "Betty Crocker" and "lose weight" in the same sentence! Looks delicious.

  3. this looks really good! We just ate polenta last night! I got the tube kind (from TJ's) and sliced it and grilled it to eat with chilli. Turned out great!

  4. I have never had polenta, but I've heard a lot about it on The Food Network. ;) Your meal looks delicious!

  5. I have a recipe saved for a polenta bake and I'm always so wary to try it. Don't know why though. It was nice reading your experience with it.


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