Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cookbook Challege- Week 1

One of this year's goals was to use my cookbooks more by selecting one cookbook and one recipe a week to tackle. I picked the book on the end to start it off.

The Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook This cookbook is 300+ pages of recipes that stretch the vegan food options further than just pasta with tomato sauce and salads.

After flipping through the cookbook and considering that I was craving some comfort food- I decided on Mac Daddy! This recipe is a vegan version of mac and cheese, obviously containing no cheese.

I made vegan mac and cheese once before last winter, but for the life of me I can't locate the recipe so I decided to give a new one a shot. Based on the ingredient list I knew this one would be different because it included tofu. I know many people eat tofu, but this was new for me!

I mixed, I boiled, I simmered, and then I combined everything together into a baking dish. Thirty minutes later, out came baked Mac Daddy!

Here's a close-up shot just in case you want a closer look at it.

So, now you're probably wondering- how was it? Honestly, I'd say it was just okay. It did have a similar look and texture to mac and cheese, but for me the taste just wasn't right. The ingredients for the "cheese" sauce called for tumeric and yellow mustard, which I think I would consider skipping if I make it again.

The good news is I have plenty of leftovers, which I'll eat during the week!

Did you try any new recipes this weekend? Add a link to your post or just share below.

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  1. Yay! I got this book for Christmas from my sister-in-law and will maybe not start with this recipe!

  2. Vegan recipes are always interesting to me. You end up using really strange ingredients to make things. I like this cookbook challenge. I'll have to do something similar to use my cookbooks for sure.

  3. i love that challenge! i need to do a new one! i've been having food aversions still during pregnancy so i haven't been to apt to cook a whole new recipe that i won't end up eating!


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