Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Current Workout Plan...

On the last post, ELC asked what workout program I was using so I guess it is as good of time as any to show you what I'm up to in the gym.

To give you a little background I should let you know that I am not a professional, and do the workouts because I've learned about my physical abilities/limits. If you don't normally workout, or aren't familiar with the exercises, please seek help from a professional prior to taking on anything new.

I have been using "12 Weeks to Your Hottest Body Ever" by Derek Charlebois. The program is set up to help you evolve your strength of 12 weeks (see page 32). I'm currently on week 5, and have definitely seen an important in the amount of weight I can lift. Also, the meal plan is based on body weight, which not every plan takes into account (see page 14). After reading the entire 49 pages, I decided to do the strength training routine and include portion of the meal plan suggestions.

After having done the lifting workouts for a month, I decided that I also wanted to include a more planned cardio routine and stretching routine as part of my weekly plan. While reading Self Magazine (January 2011) I found just what I was looking for- a yoga based workout and different cardio plans to use along with my normal cardio.

I've only completed one of the yoga workouts so far, but definitely feel good about it and there is plenty of room for improvement. And with that I'm off to get some sleep because Thursday morning is yoga workout number two!

Do you have any workout routines to share?

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, Saying AYO, Gotta let go, I wanna celebrate and live my life..."
-Dynamite, Taio Cruz


  1. Oooo looks interesting! I'm looking to change up my routine a little after my race this weekend. I'm probably going right into training for a second half-marathon at the end of February, but I want to do something other than just running!

  2. This looks like a really good plan. I like the workouts SHAPE puts out too. Usually a combination of plans works best. Lucky you found a meal plan that takes body weight into account. Keep up the inspiring-good work!

  3. I've never tried doing a workout of a magazine, but I'm definitely a believer in yoga and running. I usually just combine them as I see fit.

    If you're digging this one, I'll definitely have to check it out.


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