Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today she shops...

I decided to stick near the hotel today and do some relaxing. And any girl knows that a casual shopping day can be relaxing. Even though I'm not a big shopper normally, but it was nice to stroll through the sunny streets and go from store to store with no real purpose. It was a beautiful, sunny day so I was just enjoying myself.

And having no purpose caused me to find a few things...

Thanks to President's Day weekend there were plenty of sales so I picked up a few new tops...

And I got a chance to check out West Elm, which was fabulous! Luckily my bank account was spared too much damage because I have to travel home with the items purchased so I had to keep it under control- not an easy task!

We've been in need of some coffee mugs, and I thought these monogrammed mugs were great. Also found some great clearance/sale items that I could put to use around the house- sorry to ruin any surprises for my husband, but I just had to share!

Did you find any good sales this weekend?

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  1. Adorable finds - I'm really loving the colors of all of the tops you snagged.

    I didn't do any shopping but there was a compelling sale at Ann Taylor. I really didn't need to go on a Cardigan Buying-binge though.


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