Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Zone Change...

Changing time zones has been working out in my favor this morning...

It's only 6:30 here in California and I have already worked out, made coffee, showered, gotten ready for the day, and now I am blogging- Crazy!

My luggage arrived last night at around 9am, and I quickly unpacked and went to bed. I was so exhausted so it was hard to fall asleep, but eventually I caught some shut eye.

I got up about 4:30 this morning because well it's similar to sleeping in until 7:30 for me. I had read last night that the gym didn't "open" until 6am, but I figured I'd see if I could get in and it worked. Nobody came to kick me out so I just did what I needed to do. Today's workout included 10 intervals at 7.8mph and an incline of 1.0, and then my normal upper body routine modified based on the available equipment. It felt good!

After the workout I made some coffee, showered, and got ready for an interesting day.

One thing I'm looking forward to today is this apple, it's called a Pink Lady. I have never heard of this type of apple, but I'm excited for my afternoon snack.

Alright off to get some breakfast, then it's work all day!
Have you ever tried a Pink Lady apple? Do you like changing time zones?


  1. Pink Ladies are my favorite--crisp and sweet. Have a good day!

  2. Jet lag & timezone changes are not fun. I flew to the west coast and other time change areas quite a few times for work and I hate the adjustment LOL. Just when you get used to it, you fly home and go back to East coast time! I also don't like that my normal shows like Law & Order SVU come on at like 8pm there LOL - i know, I'm pathetic.

  3. Good for you...I have to travel for 3 weeks, not looking forward to it...Hope to see you and Matt soon!


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