Saturday, February 26, 2011

In 36 hours...

I learned that I can do a lot in 36...and I can write a long post after that so stick with me.

Friday morning at 4:30am (Pacific Coast Time)- Time to Leave California!

I got up, worked out, and was on my way to the airport by 6:30, only to learn my flight had been delayed. I settled in with the free wi-fi, Starbucks, and even snagged a pre-boarding pass due to only having 15 minutes to make my connection. It was a rather uneventful flight, which is a very good thing. I landed early, and found my husband waiting at the exit for me. I can't tell you how excited it was to finally see him after two weeks- though time went pretty fast for this trip.

After a long day of flying we headed to a local brewery/restaurant for some drinks and dinner. During our wait for a table we caught up over some beer, peanuts, and popcorn. There is nothing like a chocolate cherry beer after a very long day of traveling.

About the time we finished the first round of brews we were seat, ordered up some dinner, and another round. For me turkey burger with Shock Top and for the husband Buffalo Wings & Beef on Weck with a new brew that I can't remember. Yummy!

After dinner I learned my husband had picked up a few items for me! New snow pants and a ski helmet- I know this might not sound like a romantic gift, but we're practical people. We had been invited to join on friends on Saturday for skiing, but I didn't have any ski pants that fit and I have been needing a helmet for a while. Then I was informed that our planned departure time was 8AM!!! I'm normally a morning person, but not after traveling.

Anyways we made it up and out the door in record time, only to learn our ski buddies were running behind- I guess you can't win them all! After everyone arrived we headed toward the slopes and skied for about 6 hours and I can already feel the workout my legs got!

Here I am sporting my new gear...

After a long day of skiing we hit up the grocery store in search of dinner. Matt created a panini that was a cross between a Muffaletta and a Cuban, I'm calling it the Cubaletta. I must say it was quite yummy with a side of blue chips and hummus, it is good to be home!

So what have you accomplished in the last 36 hours???


  1. Quite a busy couple.....

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  3. In the last 36 hours? I did a bit of sweeping, a LOT of reading and I made a cookbook out of all of the recipes I've printed off the internet. God...this weekend has just been ridiculous, really.

  4. Ohh so fun! I hope you love california. I am totally practical, that gift would have made me a very very happy girl friend.


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