Friday, February 11, 2011

Queen of Hearts..

You all made some pretty good guesses!

The scissors, ruler, xacto blade, printer and laminating sheets were used to create these:

They are oversized playing cards personalized with my friend Emily as the Queen of Hearts, her husband as the Joker and their dog as the face on the septor. Emily was the birthday girl and it was a surprise party so I didn't want ruin anything.

The 'food items' included four 9x13 white cakes and frosting- isn't frosting the best part? The spatula and food items to create this:

Fully assembled I came up with this beauty...

So now you're probably wondering- was she surprised? Yes she definitely was, and her husband definitely put a lot of effort into planning! He made little paninis, pizzas, quasdillas, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and other tasty treats. The party had a casino theme with lots of great decorations, gambling chips for the guests, a black jack table, and beer pong with wagers.

It was a great night! How was your Friday night???

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  1. That cake looks just unreal! I can only imagine how surprised Emily was :)

    My Friday evening consisted of the longest happy hour in the history of the world. It was just glorious.


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