Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Giveway...

Thank You!

As a thank you to all my wonderful readers, I'm hosting my first giveaway! It's completely self-funded so you're getting items that I selected from Trader Joe's and that I have been wanting to try after seeing them on other blogs.

Items include:
Peanut Flour
Banana Chips
72% Dark Chocolate
Omega Trek Mix Packs(5)
Fiberful Fruit Bar
Penguin Gummies

To enter, just leave a comment below about how long you've been visiting my blog or just say hi!

I will draw and post the winner on Thursday at 9pm ET, so enter quickly!


  1. I would say that I have been visiting your blog since you first told me about it. That would be back when you first started the blog.

    I've really enjoyed reading it because it gives me many ideas about how I can improve my lifestyle and make better choices. You are a true inspiration and I get excited every time I see that there has been a new post. Even if I don't win the bag, I still wanted you to know that. I get to feel like a part of your daily life even though we live in two different cities.

    Have fun in Cali! I cannot wait to see more pictures from your weekend adventures.

  2. I've been visiting your blog ever since the blogger gift exchange! :D

    I love reading your blog! Even though I have not been reading for too long, I love it when you post a new post! It makes me excited! :D

  3. I just started reading in 2011--great idea for a giveaway!

  4. Hello, I just found your blog from The Singing Runner's. I've heard so many good things about Trader Joe's peanut flour. Have you tried it?

    Have a good Wednesday :-)

  5. Hi! Just found you today! Great blog!

  6. I have been reading since the beginningg. You are a true inspiration and an awesome sister. Those gummys look really yummy and since it is a craving i have maybe you will include me. We find out soon Hope you are having fun stay safe Love You

  7. Ah, penguin gummies sound so fun!

  8. Well I will try again as I erased my entire comment. I have been following your blog since you started and you have inspired me to start one.You are a true inspiration to me and I am so proud of how far you have come and your healthy life changes since your teen years. I am so excited to read about your receipes and see pictures of healthy foods you and Matt create. I have tried some and enjoy when you post recipes to try as I am not creative like you. I am trying to change mine and my families food choice to healthy one that are nutrious ones. I want to be able to live a healthy life to see Jacob grow up graduate get married and have kids. I know by then you will have some!! I can't wait to be able to ride bikes and play ball with Jacob this summer and when we move south we can have so much fun outside almost 365 days per year.

  9. I've only been following your blog for a few weeks but I love it! I especially enjoy catching up on posts instead of finishing homework and assignments :)

  10. Okay...I don't know how long I've been visiting your blog for...but I do so love it and the fact that you're doing a TJ's giveaway reinforces the belief that we are, in fact, on the same wave :)

  11. I've been reading your blog since you started it. You know you're an inspiration to me in various aspects of life. I'm happy to be apart of your journey of a life filled with health and happiness.


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