Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cookin by the book...

...or by the magazine actually! This week I was looking for a little guidance when planning our meals so I decided to pull out an old edition of Clean Eating Magazine (May/June 2010) and check out their budget recipes sections. This section provide five meals with recipes and even a shopping list!

First up this week was Chicken Pomodoro...

It actually came out pretty good. I made a few adjustments to the recipe, but overall it came out the same. I also went with whole wheat fettucini noodles that we had on hand. Most of the recipes in Cleaning Eating's budget plans are set for four or more serving so that means it ends up being lunch the next day- BONUS!!!

Last night I cooked up a little bit of New Orleans in the kitchen with Creole Dirty Rice.

I even used dried kidney beans this time. I have a tendency to lean towards the canned version of beans because it is just more convenient, but since I really wanted to follow the recipe I did it as instructed and it wasn't too bad it just required some overnight soaking.

Personally I thought it could have used a bit more of a kick, so I topped it with some hot sauce. I actually doubled this recipe so we had lunch today, and we still have plenty leftover for another meal.

Tonight was a night off from cooking to enjoy dinner with the girls. We try to find at least one day a month to get together, dine, and catch up. Tonight was sushi! I'm not up to eating the raw fish just yet, but I've moved from shrimp up to crab as of tonight.

It was a great night, but I'm still exhausted from the time zone change and I guess you could say it is my own fault since I refuse to slow down. Oh, and maybe because there is so much to catch up on both at home and at work!

Anyone make any good recipes lately? Please post a link.

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  1. I swear by this chili. Easy. Delicious.


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