Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 5

Half-Marathon Weekly
To help motivate, inspire, and get your week started…

“It is hard when you have to do it, not so bad when you want to do it.”
- Unknown

The quote this week can apply to many aspects of life- give it some thought.
What do you want?

This week’s workouts:
Feb 1: Monday- 3 miles
Feb 2: Tuesday- cross train/strength train
Feb 3: Wednesday- 4 miles
Feb 4: Thursday-cross train/strength train
Feb 5: Friday- 3 miles
Feb 6: Saturday- Rest
Feb 7: Sunday- 5 miles (sounds scary- but you can do it!)

Listen to Your Body

When running or doing any exercise, remain aware of your body. Pay attention to the aches, soreness, and persistent pain cues your body is giving you- usually they are early warning signs of a future injury. Yes, sometimes you can be a little uncomfortable when pushing your limits- so you have to be aware of what is a slight discomfort and a developing issue. When in doubt try complete the workout by slowing down, or in some cases it might be necessary to stop for the day.

If you need to stop or alter your workout, just make sure to put some effort into correcting the issue(s) you are having. Take some time off from your planned workout, and substitute light walking, bicycling, and stretching. Then after three days slowly begin to add in easy runs again by doing half your normal planned distance. Do this until you are able to comfortably complete your planned miles. If you still are having pain, you should schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay motivated, we are now officially entering the second month of training! Look how quickly it went. Before you know it we will be lined up, ready to hit the road and accomplish our goals.

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