Friday, February 12, 2010


Just here watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Had a good gym work out. I pushed through four miles on the treadmill to make up for a mile I missed Wednesday.

Just have a short comments about the gym: Today I'm running along and all I can smell is grease. I look around to see who might have just gotten off out of their fast food job- I decided it was the gym who just got on treadmill next to me. Grease isn't a good smell to begin with, but in a gym it is worse. The flip side of that is when a girl comes in smelling like she just rolled in a flower- I just think to myself that a simple swipe of deodorant would have been enough. I guess I'm just sensitive...anyone else bothered by smells in the gym?

BTW, I know you can't leave a comment because it doesn't work. I'm trying to figure it out. Hopefully soon!

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