Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's like a circus...

So last night at the gym was like a circus. I decided that it was because it was a Monday, and the first of the month. A second chance, if you will, for those who made the resolution on January 1st to lose weight. Basically that just means that the cardio equipment was all being occupied, and I mean every single machine.

I looked around to see who might be getting finished soon, and then stood off to the side waiting. It took 10 minutes or so before a treadmill opened up, so I grabbed it even though it was one of the ones with the TV. While the TV is nice to occupy yourself on a slow walk- when you're running it makes you kind of sea sick because it is so close to you. I had to turn it off, but I did use it to watch my form in the reflection.

Even though there was a wait I got the run done and it felt good.

3 miles in 35 minutes

I try to remember I'm not looking for fast, I'm looking for endurance.

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