Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So today at work they had a health fair. An opportunity for employees to get information on living healthier, preventing diseases, and improving current health issues, right? Not necessarily. I guess my fellow employees need a little more enticement to care about health, so it seems the organizers immediately thought food. I just wish they had thought I little harder...

I saw people coming back from the health fair with plates loaded with sweets and other treats. My first thought was- "Really?!?" I'm not talking about one cookie, think multiple cookies, piece of cake covered in sugary frosting, brownies- some even made a 'lunch' plate with a slice of a sub and some chips. Again- "Really?!?!"

A few of the people that sit near me asked if I was going to go to the health fair, my response basically that I didn't think that the health fair would have anything of interest for me and I certainly didn't need to be tempted by a table full of desserts.

I guess the organizers of this event wanted to ensure that nobody actually got healthy, which would give them job security. Unhealthy people need more medical attention than people who take care of their bodies. If the organizers had thought a little harder they probably could have provided food and treats that had health benefits, and maybe it would have shown people that "diet" food isn't just salads.

And that just leaves me frustrated...

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