Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I had some time on Monday to play with the dehydrator. I used what we had in the house to create two flavors of fruit leather for snacking. We also wanted to dry some cranberries and cherries, but with Valentine's day all the red fruit was overpriced, maybe next week.

So check-out the first attempt at some fruit leather/fruit roll-ups:

Place fruit in the food processor.

Produce a nice spreadable mush, for lack of a better term.

Pineapple-banana spread on the paraflexx sheet...

Peanut butter banana with coconut and walnut...

Dehydration time, just put them in and wait...

The finished product:

Yes they taste as good as they look! It's nice, simple snack with lots of taste, but no added sugars. We hope to experiment with some more fruits next weekend, we'll have to see what we can find at the store.

We're taking requests too! If you have a good dehydrator recipe or suggestion let us know!

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