Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting Back on Track...

During the holiday we took sometime away from the gym to allow our bodies to rest and reset. I did originally have intentions on going for a walk/run, but the cold brisk temperatures deterred me and I left my Garmin at home.

Now that we are home the plan is to get back on track, though it isn’t always easy to do when you’ve been out of town over a weekend. Normally one day of my weekend is spent grocery shopping, doing laundry, and getting ready for the work week. While I did have a productive Sunday of driving and visits with family along the road home- there was no time left for any normal tasks.

So Monday night got an extra dose of activity:

Gym Workout
Grocery Shopping
Baking Chicken for the Week
Getting in a quick blog post

And Tuesday night will get more activity too:

Gym Workout
Baking Hidden Treasure Cookies

What tricks do you use to get back on track?

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