Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whirldwind Weekend...

It was another weekend of nice weather here in Buffalo, and yes, temperatures in the mid 40's still count as warm at this time of year. We got lots accomplished around our house and also helped out a friend.

Saturday we (read: mostly Matt) installed a garage door opener for one of our good friends, which took a while, but was very successful. It took about about six hours to get it perfectly up and running - pretty good for the first time. I think Matt is secretly hoping he might be able to use our friends garage to "tinker" with his car this winter, since we don't have one (a garage.)

After wrapping up the installation, we decided a quiet movie night at home was in order, so we headed to Wegmans for dinner and a movie. Matt got a sub, while I headed to the salad bar. At first I had a pretty lame looking salad, but I decided to think "out of the box" and created this:

It contained mixed greens, chopped eggs, onions, carrots, bean salad, tabbouleh, and then I grabbed a couple piece of Chinese Lemon Pepper Chicken (because you can't be healthy all the time!). last stop was tot the Redbox. We had a nice, relaxing night.

Sunday was another nice weather day so we worked around our house, and again we used the divide and conquer method.

Matt's accomplishments:
-insulating our pipes in the basement
-blanketing the hot water heater
-installing a storm door
-beginning to frame out the exterior of our new door

I accomplished:
-grocery shopping
-baking chicken
-baking brownies
-making spiced nuts
-baking cookies (Yum!)
-packing lunches
-making sweet potato gnocchi!

The house smells very yummy right now! jealous aren't you?!


  1. Um YUM!!! I need some of those!

    And I didn't notice that little request in our contract!! :) Can he build be a bigger garage next? Thanks again, I love it and love you guys dearly!

  2. it was in there...under the "goodness of my heart" clause :)


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